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Bad Breath in Dogs – What’s That Smell Trying to Tell You?

Does your dog have terrible breath? You don’t just have to accept this as normal. In fact, some bad breath could be indicating health problems in your dog!

Shipping Your Dog To Your New Home

Moving out is an amazing experience, but it can be daunting for your dog. Throughout this article we will go over some tips on how to ship your dog to your new home.

Canine Stroke – Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

If your dog suffered a stroke would you know? Canine stroke appears quickly and, depending of the severity, can cause brain damage. Here are the symptoms to look for, the treatment to expect and how to control the chances of your dog suffering another stroke in the future.

Dog Agility History

A brief history of the sport of dog agility and why you should introduce your dog to the sport. This is a fun way to exercise both you and your dog and build a better relationship.

Solving The Mystery Of Expressing Your Pet’s Anal Glands

Many dog owners are not aware that their dogs have anal glands or that they have an occasional need to be expressed. This article explains what the anal glands are and demystifies the task of expressing your dog’s anal glands.

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