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How to Tell If Your Dog May Be Going Blind

Do you believe that there is a possibility that your dog may be going blind? If you have your suspicions, you may wonder how you will be able to tell what is going on. Although it is not always evident, there are some noticeable signs that you should look out for when you are observing your dog for potential blindness

Things You Need to Know To Survive Your Puppy

When I talk about surviving your puppy I am talking about what you need to know to survive and co-exist with a puppy between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks. This can be a very exhausting and trying time for a new dog owner.

Proper Etiquette For Your Dog

Every good dog owner should teach their dog proper etiquette. A dog with good manners is welcome in many places while a dog with no manners is welcome nowhere. So I guess your question is how should I teach my dog proper etiquette?

Games You Can Play With Your Puppy

Getting a new puppy might be fun, but training it to become an active, happy dog is very important. Playing games and doing exercise helps us to remain healthy and fit. Similarly doing these activities helps a dog to remain active. Puppies have a habit of taking naps throughout the day and the number of naps it takes totally depends upon the amount of exercise they get. Games are one of the best thing to do to have fun and playing games with your puppy strengthens your master-dog relationship. Here are some interesting games you can play with your dog or puppy:

Dog Boarding and Its Many Benefits

For people with pets it is a constant worry when you have to travel either on vacation or a business trip, leaving behind your best friend. You would have had instances in the past where you had to leave your dog under somebody else’s care or would have had somebody visiting your home on a daily basis to take care of the dog.

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