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Top 3 Dog Breeds For Families

Because some dog breeds are more kid-friendly than others, families should be careful when choosing the furry friends they want to bring into their homes. Of the best dog breeds for kids, petMD places poodles, Labrador retrievers, and golden retrievers at the top of the list. If your kids are begging you to get them a dog, then consider these three best dog breeds for families.

Walking 2 Dogs At The Same Time

Quite often I have clients with more than one dog who would like to walk them both at the same time. However I have found that walking two dogs at the same time can be an accident waiting to happen. In fact it can be very dangerous for not only you but for your dog as well and let me tell you why.

Use A Dog To Teach Your Child Responsibility

Has your child been begging for a puppy? Well before you say yes or no there are a few things you need to think about. Having a pet is a really good way to teach your child responsibility however is your child ready for responsibility? Let’s discuss the things you need to think about to help you make the decision.

Is Your Dog Showing Aggression In The Home?

Aggression in the home has become an epidemic. What I mean by aggression in the home is where your dog has possibly bitten the kids, the adults and even the other dog in the house. Sometime it hasn’t gone that far yet however the dog does growl at you when you try to get it off the couch or the bed.

How To Help A Shy, Fearful Dog

Do you have a dog that is shy and fearful? You know the dog I am talking about. It will not approach new people and is very fearful in new situations and environments. I understand this type of problem and I also realize how concerned you are about the fact that your dog is suffering. Here are a few things you might want to try to help the situation.

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