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Protecting Your Dog From The Unthinkable

I had a client make an appointment for dog training last week. However before we could get together he sent me an email explaining that his dog got out of the door and was run over by a car. Actually this happens more often than you can imagine. In fact in your hometown it happens daily.

Make The Jumping Stop

Your dog is excited. He likes people. He’s happy when new people visit. And he loves to jump! Dogs are built to jump and it’s something they love to do. It may seem almost impossible to get your dog to stop trying to jump up in the faces of your family and friends at times.

How to Stop Your Dog From Stealing Food Off The Table

Surely, when it comes to bad dog behavior, there isn’t much more frustrating than placing a delicious plate of food on the table, forgetting to place a cover on it, and returning to discover your dog has enjoyed your dinner. Not only is your food gone, but your dog is eating food that probably isn’t good for him.

How To Keep Your Dog From Getting On The Sofa

I once had a dog who refused to stop getting on the sofa. Sure, I taught him to stay off the sofa when I was home, but as soon as I went to sleep or left the house, I could hear him jumping back up in his favorite spot on the sofa and he got doggy fur all over the clean upholstery. We fought this battle for most of his life and I was always frustrated. Since that time, though, I’ve learned a lot of little tricks and ways of training a dog so you can keep your fur friend off the sofa, and that training starts when your dog is young.

How Often Should My Dog Have A Bath?

People often want to know how often their dog should get a bath. That doesn’t always mean that they want to give their dog a bath, however! It’s not always fun to give your dog a bath, especially if he’s the kind of dog who hates getting in the tub. In that case, giving your dog a bath can be a terrible experience, for you and for your dog.

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