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Key Things To Know About The Tibetan Terrier

The Tibetan Terrier, often called the “Tsang Apso”, is a member of the non-sporting dog group. They have a shaggy coat that comes in almost any color. It was during Tibet about 2,000 years ago the breed is assumed to have first came into existence.

Western Highland White Terrier – Essential Facts To Understand

The Western Highland White Terrier, often called the “Westie”, is a terrier breed. They feature a rough white coat with deep eyes and pointy ears. The breed is assumed to have first appeared in the 1800s.

Which Facts Should You Know About The Whippet?

The Whippet, often called the “Snapdog”, is a hound breed of dog. They feature an appearance that resembles the Greyhound. It was in the 1700s the breed is assumed to have first came into existence.

What Facts Do You Need To Know About The Miniature Schnauzer?

The Miniature Schnauzer, also called just the Schnauzer, is part of the terrier dog breed category. They have a distinct beard, bushy eyebrows and wiry coat. It was during the late 1800s the breed is believed to have first came into existence and catching rats in homes and barns is what they were originally used for.

French Bulldog – Fundamental Facts You Ought To Know

The French Bulldog, also called the “Frenchie”, is a non-sporting dog. They have a brindle, fawn or white coat and bat-like ears. The breed is known to have first appeared during the 1800s and bull baiting is the role they were first bred for.

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